Scale TransformX


Brand Direction & Brand Design

TransformX is a large AI conference hosted by Scale and dedicated to operationalizing AI. Over 120 AI leaders, visionaries, practitioners, and researchers from various industries attended this three-day event. TransformX featured keynote presentations, fireside chats, and expert panel discussions. Notable speakers include Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Eric Schmidt, and Fei-Fei Li.


The TransformX brand spanned numerous digital and physical touch points including a landing page for registration, motion graphics for the recorded and streaming interviews, signs and banners, and a giant LED backdrop.

I collaborated with Tim Bauer and Danny Jones on the X animation.

I created vector 2D numerals and then collaborated with Danny Jones on a 3D animated countdown.

Speaker title cards for Scale TransformX.

Full video of Alexandr Wang’s interview with Greg Brockman of OpenAI.

3D animated background for TransformX presentations.