Brand Direction, Brand Design, & Illustration

Quality data is the bottleneck for high performance machine learning models. Centered around this thesis, Scale has become one of the fastest growing AI companies. The world's largest LLM providers partner with Scale to improve their data and model performance. Scale works closely with industry heavyweights including Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and OpenAI.


I started working with Scale as a Freelancer just as they were getting started in 2016. I collaborated closely with Scale's first employee, Ricky Rauch, on a wide variety of design projects. After working with Scale and designing for all brand applications for two years, I joined Scale full-time in 2018. Over the course of 6.5 years I had the opportunity to design for every brand application and build an incredible dream team of Brand Designers, Web Designers, Front-End Engineers, and 3D Artists. I designed numerous illustrations, icons, and other brand elements for scale.com. I worked on pages for the API documentation, open datasets, products, solutions, events, careers, pricing, blog, Scale's A.I. readiness report (Scale Zeitgeist), and Scale's A.I. conference (Scale TransformX).

Scale logo symbol composed of three right triangles that double (or scale).

Scale homepage featuring interactive Spline animation. Designed and developed by the Scale Brand Experience Team in collaboration with Basement.

Scale logo symbol with animation by Sigge Bjerkhof.

Isometric illustrations for various Scale product use cases.

3D symbols representing Scale’s ML pipeline. Collaboration with Danny Jones.

Photo of Scale CEO, Alex Wang. Collaboration with Christophe Wu & Danny Jones.

Photo of Scale CEO, Alex Wang. Collaboration with Christophe Wu & Danny Jones.

Icon set for Scale’s company credos. The credos are recited at every All-Hands.

Scale HQ lobby with colorful transparent panels referencing bounding boxes. Collaboration with Blitz. Photo by Lin Zagorski Latimer.

Scale HQ lobby with custom wood wall referencing streets on a map. Collaboration with Blitz.

Wayfinding icons for Scale HQ in San Francisco.