Creative Direction, Brand Design, & Naming

Moon creates easy-to-use products for overlanding adventurers. Their debut product, the MoonShade, is a portable and versatile vehicle awning. MoonShade offers maximum sun protection by day and reflective coverage by night, making it ideal for camping, picnics, and other outdoor activities. MoonShade is compatible with many different types of vehicles.


I worked closely with Moon founder, Matthew Pearson, to develop a distinctive consumer brand. When Matthew first came to me he didn't have a name for the company, so I worked with him on naming. The selected name, Moon, is meant to evoke evenings outside under the moon and stars.

I also worked with Matthew to develop the tagline, "Overland. Under Stars." This is a nod to "overlanding": self-reliant, long-distance travel through mostly remote areas.

I crafted custom lettering for Moon. Rather than depicting a typical cratered moon or crescent moon, I designed a logo symbol of a planet and a moon, since every moon orbits a planet.

I also created a secondary logo symbol, featured in the typographic lockup, that depicts five moon phases

Moon travel bag with custom logotype. Photo by Bryson Malone.

Custom Moon logo lockup.

Photo by Bryson Malone.

Custom Moon monogram.

Moon phases symbol applied to photography.