Google Maps


Art Direction & Brand Design

Google Maps was the first GPS app for the iPhone. When Apple released Apple Maps, their app icon looked very similar to the Google Maps icon. So similar that our user testing found that many users were accidentally using Apple Maps when they intended to use Google Maps. It was clear that the Google Maps icon needed a visual update that made this distinction clear.

Google Maps

I worked closely with Joseph Traylor and the Google Brand Studio on the updated Google Maps symbol. I proposed that they lean into Google colors, because this would make the app more clearly a Google product rather than an Apple product.

During the design research phase I learned that Google owns the patent on the location pin symbol. Therefore I proposed that Google combine the pin with Google brand colors to create a streamlined icon.

The white circle in the middle of the pin has a yellow path behind it, suggesting a user navigating. The surrounding green, blue, and red are a subtle nod to areas on a map.

Animation collaboration with Sigge Bjerkhof.

Animation of the new Google Maps logo. Motion work by Brent Clouse.